“If Luke hadn’t died in such an extreme way, I’d just be one of those ‘family violence’ people no one listens to”. Rosie Batty

Never Alone, joint the campaignThe Luke Batty Foundation is established in memory of Luke Batty who was tragically killed by his father at cricket practice on Wednesday 12th February 2014 in Tyabb, Victoria.

Everyone in Australia was hugely affected by the manner in which Luke was killed and communities from far and wide responded generously by sending to Luke’s mum Rosie, hundreds of cards, an abundance of beautiful flowers, and donations, both large and small.

The response was so overwhelming that it inspired Rosie to set up the Luke Batty Foundation.

Please consider supporting Rosie to achieve her goal in Luke’s memory.

“I want to tell everybody that family violence happens to everybody. No matter how nice your house is, how intelligent you are. It happens to anyone and everyone”. Rosie Batty February 2014


Luke Batty Foundation new logoIn June 2017, the Luke Batty Foundation has undergone a rebranding. Our new website is coming soon. 

The new branding celebrates the achievements of Rosie Batty and the Foundation, and will support our work into the future. 

The new logo design combines Luke Batty’s initials (LB) with a heart and a sun as symbols of the hope and positivity Rosie and our campaigners provide.

Yellow, the main brand colour, is very special to us. “A colour associated with warmth, positivity and optimism also happens to be Luke’s favourite. It is a true reflection of our Never Alone mission; to bring family violence out of the shadows, and into the light,” says Rosie.

Sydney strategic design agency Houston Group completed our rebrand pro bono.