Luke and Rosie Batty

“My belief is a tragedy gives you an opportunity to make a difference. I’ve always admired people who do that”. Rosie Batty

After establishing the Luke Batty Foundation, Rosie extensively researched the best way to utilise the funds raised to ensure they make a real difference.

Since Luke’s death, Rosie has found herself talking to the media, meeting politicians and being invited to talk as a keynote speaker to numerous community forums, corporate events and family violence conferences. Much to her surprise she has received awards and acknowledgements from both sides of politics and realised that perhaps she is making a difference. Rosie is determined that Luke’s death will not be in vain!

Rosie is now totally committed to making a difference and has the support of many men and women who also want change and who are prepared to help support her to turn things around and demand a society that offers compassion, understanding and effective support to those affected by family violence.

Through this website, Rosie will share her journey and new life purpose with those who are also committed to forcing social change. Together we can make a HUGE difference! The journey has already started and changes have already begun. It is exciting and full of promise and Rosie can’t wait to see what the Luke Batty Foundation and its wonderful supporters will achieve in the coming years.

Let’s do this!

 Our Vision

All Australians are engaged in ending violence against women and children.

 Our Purpose

Inspired and informed by the voices of women and children deepen our understanding of family and domestic violence in order to drive and effect attitudinal, cultural and systemic change.

Our Goals


  • Children are equipped to effect change and their voice is heard and respected
  • Women’s experience drives change
  • People are passionate and active in driving change
  • Luke Batty Foundation is equipped to fulfil its vision and support Rosie’s advocacy


Future Programs, Projects and Updates

The Foundation continues to grow from strength to strength. Strategies, programs and future projects are currently being developed and new partnerships formed to drive long-term change.. Details will be posted on this website during the year.


It has been an amazing journey since Rosie Batty was announced as Australian of Year in January 2015. The Luke Batty Foundation (LBF) Board is appointed with all members contributing their time and expertise on a pro-bono basis.

The LBF has now finalised its legal, taxation and governance structures that underpin a sustainable non-profit organisation.

The LBF is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission and the Governing document, the LBF Constitution, is publicly available through the ACNC.  

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