The Luke Batty Foundation welcomes the support of the broader community to achieve its goal:

Through education, advocacy and campaigning the Luke Batty Foundation through the Never Alone Campaign will raise community awareness and put pressure on government organisations until family violence is no longer a subject that only happens behind closed doors and current statistics are dramatically reduced.

We welcome your donations and your support to effect change.

We have launched the Never Alone Campaign so we can build a groundswell of support for victims that will make it impossible for family violence to be ignored any longer.

Never Alone will bring people together. We have a vision that change is driven through the eyes of the victims, with a force of supportive people behind it.

We understand that family violence can happen to anybody and that we all have a responsibility to help end this epidemic.

Luke Batty Foundation Pty Ltd is a Registered Gift Recipient with the Australian Taxation Office.  The Luke Batty Foundation Pty Ltd has a Public Fund, which is set up to enable the organisation to receive tax-deductible donations. The institution and public fund is listed on the Register of Harm Prevention Charities under Sub-division 30-EA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

Any donation over $2 will be tax deductible 

Your support will assist the Foundation to achieve its goal.


Following the story aired on Seven Network’s Sunday Night program on June 18, 2017, the Luke Batty Foundation would like to state that we do not use Appco or any other similarly structured organisation for our fundraising activities.

All donations go directly to the Foundation. The only monthly donation subscription fee we pay is our online payment gateway, Paypal who currently charge 2.2% per donation, plus a 30-cent transaction fee. For a donation of $10.00, LBF receives $9.68 directly, and Paypal charges 32 cents.

In order to comply with the Guidelines for the Register, the Luke Batty Foundation has a public fund committee comprised of a majority of people holding public office or certain positions in the community. This committee ensures that ensures that the funds are used appropriately and gives approval for the funds to be transferred out of the public fund account.



or use the details below

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to:

Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Account name: Luke Batty Foundation Public Fund
BSB: 063 159 
Account number: 1064 2543

Reference: Your name or the name of your organisation 

Once you have made the EFT please email:  with your details so a tax deductible receipt can be sent to you.

Via cheque or money order:

Please post a cheque or money order to:

Attention: Fundraising 

The Luke Batty Foundation

PO Box 11219, Frankston VIC 3199

If you wish to have a tax deductible receipt please include your name and address.