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November 20, 2017

The Luke Batty Foundation helped launched an important project helping children’s voices to be heard. Messages from children to their fathers who used violence have been made into digital stories, which are now available to order on USB.

“Seen and Heard: Children’s Messages to Fathers after Family Violence” is a result of the PhD research by Dr Katie Lamb. Dr Lamb saw that while children were often used as a motivator to engage fathers in programs to address their violence, the perspectives of children were not a strong focus within programs. She explored ways to address this gap and embed the voices of children in programs for fathers who use violence.

The first stage of the research involved individual and group interviews with young people who have experienced family violence.

With the funding made available by the Luke Batty Foundation, eight stories told by children were turned into short videos, outlining the key messages fathers who use violence need to know about the impact of their violence on their children.

Research participants were happy to have their stories played to fathers who attend programs to address their violence to give them some insight into what it’s like having a father who uses violence.

The Luke Batty Foundation is committed to making children’s voices heard in the discussion about family violence. We believe that these digital stories will be a powerful tool to inform the professionals working with families experiencing family violence, and for fathers using violence.