Quick close

June 3, 2018

Some months ago Rosie announced she would be stepping back from the Luke Batty Foundation. Tomorrow we are formally closing our doors and distributing the funds Rosie and her supporters worked so hard to raise in support of the victims of family violence.

We wanted you to be the first to know so that we can honour Luke together.

After years of her tireless campaigning and advocacy on behalf of victims, the Board accepted Rosie’s decision to step away from the intensity of the day-to-day commitments of the Foundation and immediately started work on ensuring Luke’s legacy would be continued through the wind up process.

After an independent sector-wide consultation with key experts across Australia and discussion with Rosie, we have identified a series of domestic and family violence response and primary prevention initiatives that will benefit from the nearly $900,000 the Foundation has raised.

Funds will be used to support domestic and family violence prevention and response initiatives across Australia. The focus has been on prevention and on the need to ensure that victim’s voices, especially children, are put at the heart of policy, practice and research.

There is a strong focus on children and young people, victim-survivor voices, respectful relationships education and a substantial contribution to programs in, and led by, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

The full details of the distribution of funds are as follows.

Approximately $515,000 to Australia’s National Research Organisation For Women’s Safety (ANROWS) to:

  • examine the relationship between gambling and domestic violence.
  • conduct workshops and national forums on survivor voices with survivors, researchers, practitioners and advocates.
  • pilot an early intervention project for mothers and infants leaving domestic violence in Victoria so that young children exposed to domestic violence are given the best possible chance of trauma recovery.
  • pilot a psychotherapy project which will include research and practice interventions into how mothers and children can be reconnected after domestic violence. This project will develop, implement and evaluate an Australian Community of Practice (CPP) intervention and will improve intersectoral collaboration between mental health and domestic violence services.
  • provide support to ANROWS to work with Tangenterye Women’s Family Safety Group in the Northern Territory to continue to develop a local family violence prevention initiative.


Approximately $350,000 to Our Watch for:

  • programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community led Respectful Relationships Education.
  • prevention programs to strengthen capacity to prevent violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.


The physical assets of the Foundations (phones, laptops etc.) will be distributed to Elizabeth Morgan House, Aboriginal Women’s Service Inc. Elizabeth Morgan House, a community controlled organisation, provides specialist support to Aboriginal women and their children who are currently experiencing or have experienced Family Violence.

The donations that the Foundation were to receive from the Cause Film Festival via the proceeds of Chris Busuttil’s film “Superheroes” have been re-directed to Project O – a cause very close to Rosie’s heart. Project O is a primary prevention project. Through Project O, young women gain new skills and resilience, equipping them to drive attitudinal change in their community, challenge entrenched gender inequality and help prevent the normalisation of family violence.

The Donations that the Foundation were to receive from the Mantra Group have been re-directed to domestic and family violence peak bodies across Australia to assist with advocacy initiatives, as per Rosie’s wishes.

Rosie has asked us to share this message with you:

When Luke was murdered there was an outpouring of support from people all over Australia. So I started the Luke Batty Foundation to ensure this support could be channelled somewhere useful. It is wonderful to see him honoured with these much-needed programs and his legacy respected.

While it has been a relief to move away from the day-to-day pressures of running a Foundation, I will continue to campaign for an end to family violence. I have continued working as the Chair of the Victorian Government’s Victim Survivors’ Advisory Council and I am also considering what I might do next to make sure victims are heard and that family violence never falls into the shadows.

Luke would have been turning 16 years old on 20th June. I am so pleased that funds will be used to honour him with such great and desperately needed projects ahead of this difficult day. 

Thank you to all of the Foundation’s supporters. Without you, Luke would not have been honoured like this and we would not have made such amazing progress in shining a light on family violence.

Let’s continue speaking out on behalf of victims.

– Rosie Batty 

We have worked hard to ensure that Luke’s legacy will be respected and honoured through the distribution of funds collected in his name. We believe that these projects will have significant and sustained positive impacts in some of our most vulnerable communities and for victim-survivors, with a particular focus on children, whose voices are often not heard.

The Board is very grateful to transitional CEO Trish Mitra-Kahn for managing the wind up of the Foundation with probity and compassion. The Foundation has benefited enormously from her excellence in leading change management and strategic stewardship.

The Board extends our sincere and deep appreciation to Rosie Batty and all who have supported her. Rosie has irrevocably changed the way that Australia thinks and speaks about family violence and she has made our leaders listen. In the wake of Luke’s death, first as Australian of the Year and in partnership with the family violence sector Rosie travelled across our country speaking and listening to survivors, communities, sector workers and key influencers. She has inspired hundreds of thousands of others to have a voice and to speak out against violence.

The impact of Rosie’s work since Luke’s murder is immeasurable and we are a richer and more mature nation as a result of her tireless advocacy. We wish her well and thank her for everything she has given to the Foundation and to Australia.

In keeping with our legal commitments and to your privacy, your personal data will be deleted as the Foundation closes its doors.

Over the past 3 years many of you have connected with Rosie via the Never Alone campaign. Rosie wants to make sure that you are still able to send her a message and has established a new email address rosiebatty1@gmail.com .

Please keep in mind that whilst your journey is very important to Rosie it will be difficult for her to respond to everyone individually.

If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit www.1800RESPECT.org.au.

The campaign to end violence is not over. But for now, goodbye. Thank you for everything.