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Justice for Kids is about seeing through the cultural and systemic changes needed to protect our kids from violence. 

Rosie has worked closely with Women’s Legal Services Australia as they developed a roadmap for change – a five-step plan to create a family law system that puts our kids first.

  • Develop a specialist response for domestic violence cases
  • Support those who are most at risk of future violence
  • Intervene early and provide effective legal help
  • Support women and children to financially recover 
  • Strengthen understanding of all family law professionals on family violence

Now we need to make sure that everyone knows about this plan, especially those who can make the changes needed for a better system. 

Sign the petition asking the Australian Government to acknowledge that Justice for Kids is possible.


To the new Australian Government, 

The family law system needs urgent change to keep children, and their parents, safe.
The current system allows too many children to be placed in the hands of an abusive parent as the system struggles to identify and respond to the risk factors in family violence cases.
It allows for too many mothers, who have taken the difficult and dangerous step to leave abusive partners, to be re-traumatised at a time when they are at their most vulnerable.  
The system is overburdened, underfunded and must change.
There are clear steps that can be taken to deliver a safe path through the family law system for victims of family violence.

We, the undersigned, ask all political parties to:

1.       Recognise and acknowledge the gaps in the family law system that place children in danger
2.       Understand and respond to the Safety First in Family Law Five Step Plan
3.       Work in a multi-partisan way and with experts in the family violence and legal assistance sectors to implement the recommendations.

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