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Best online gambling sites for Australian players 2021: play and enjoy

Australian gambling sites offer a wide range of entertainment for all tastes, so you’ll never get bored with them. And what could be more fun than pokies? Only real money pokies that you can play at any time and in any place! If you’re not yet familiar with the benefits offered by the world of gambling, it’s time to take some basic lessons. Today we’re going to show you what Australia’s top 2021 casinos have to offer, and why playing slots for real money is one of our most popular online activities.

Is online gambling legal in Australia?

Is online gambling legal in Australia

The main law regulating this sphere is the IGA passed back in 2001. And if we’re talking about Australian gambling — yes, it is absolutely legal and allows you to officially earn real money from the comfort of your own home (or any other convenient place).

The paradox of the law, according to which Australian online gambling sites are not formally allowed to provide services to customers from the home region, deserves special attention. At first glance, this may seem like a problem, but the situation is resolved by two other rules, also established under the IGA:

  1. Domestic casinos can accept bets from foreign players;
  2. Australian gamblers who place real money bets in casinos (both local and international) are not considered as offenders by the lawmakers.

That is, if you really want to play pokies for real money — you can safely do it without fear of any penalties or fines.

Do Australian players get taxed on their winnings?

And yes, we almost forgot about the cherry on the legislative cake. Australian customers don’t have to pay taxes on winnings on online casino sites because local legislation considers gambling to be entertainment. And because a hobby can’t be considered as a professional job — no matter how much winnings you earn monthly — the taxes are not applicable here.

Are Australian online casino sites safe to use?

Choosing online casinos for safe play with real money, there is no need to spend your time searching for information about the license presence. The easiest and most convenient option — to study the reviews of our experts, which are published only for proven Australian gambling websites that are really worth your attention.

Thanks to the development of technology, fans of gambling can enjoy their favorite pastime whenever and wherever — a stable Internet connection and a mobile device are enough. However, the number of dishonest sites that use unlicensed slots increases every year, which jeopardizes both the probability of winning and the security of personal data.

Figuring out if the service really offers licensed slots, slots and roulette is easy enough. The software vendors are third-party providers, and the names of most of them are familiar to every pokies fan — MicroGaming, PlaySoft, NetEnt, and many others. That is, when you play on a licensed online casino site, the data exchange is conducted with the server provider, which eliminates the theoretical possibility of changing slots settings.

In addition, Australian online casino sites openly publish information about licenses and certificates confirming the integrity of the service. The presence of a license confirms not only the quality of presented software, but also the compliance of service with other criteria, including in terms of financial security and protection against theft of personal data of customers. Regulators conduct due diligence, screening out unscrupulous companies at the application stage. Among the most popular commissions specializing in gambling licensing are the following jurisdictions:

  • Curacao — popular because of its lack of casino income tax and quick registration process;
  • Kahnawake — provides legislative preferences for gambling companies, as well as loyal rates for technical inspections;
  • Malta — one of the most popular licenses, which allows you to enter the “white list” of services that have the right to officially operate in the UK.

If you do not want to worry unnecessarily about how to get your winnings and convert them into real money — just choose licensed casino sites.

Are free games available at Australian online casino websites?

Are free games available at Australian online casino websites?

Try out the popular online pokies for free, learn the rules and find a tactic that suits your gaming style by playing demo pokies. If you don’t want to start real money immediately, have a new strategy to test, or just want to have fun with the game — no problem. Just open the official website of the online casino, point and click on your favorite slot and enjoy a demo. The interface of the slots doesn’t differ from the main game, so you can choose the size of bets, select the number of active lines or activate the automatic start of spins.

The best casinos in Australia officially cooperate with the world’s leading gaming software manufacturers such as NetEnt, ThunderKick and RelaxGaming, so for customers of the services are available not only basic, but also free version pokies. Customers who have mastered the demo mode, it is not difficult to go to the game for real money. Select “Sign Up”, choose an available Welcome Bonus, specify your login, password, and preferred currency, and gain access to the full functionality of the service.

Best casino bonus codes

What else do you need to know about modern gambling? Bonuses, of course. Nowadays every online casino actively fights for new customers offering more and more favorable conditions — and one of the main ways to attract the attention of our experts are bonus offers. If the last time you visited a gambling hall was back in the last century — rest assured, you are in for pleasant surprises.

There are several ways to get a casino bonus. You don’t necessarily need to look for promo codes — in some cases, simply go through the registration process, and your account will be credited with a dozen or so free spins, or free credits that allow you to play popular casino games. However, you should not trust the first offer — it is worth carefully studying both the conditions of the action (the wager can be threateningly large) and the casino payout percentage, which allows you to predict the outcome of the game for real money.

What are online casino payout percentages like?

Casino payout percentage is an indicator that is used by analysts to assess the reliability of the service. The closer is the value obtained by dividing the total amount of bets and the amount of payouts for the reporting period, to 100% — the more attention should be paid to the service you’ve chosen. It is simple!

Success or failure in gambling is a matter of chance, but not only. Everything is decided by three factors: the random number generator, house edge and RTP, that is, indicators of the basic advantage, as well as the percentage of return on bets made by customers of Australian online casino sites on each individual pokie. If you study carefully the technical characteristics of the chosen slot or table game — the probability of getting the desired winnings will be much higher.

What games have the best winning opportunities?


Once we started talking about winning chances — perhaps it’s time to discuss popular casino games, in which you can really count on a successful result a little more often than usual.

Popular casino games

The probability of a profitable session in table games, unlike pokies, is less about luck alone. But there is another side to the coin — if you want to improve your own chances, you need to pay attention to the basic rules, strategies and recommendations that reveal the secrets of the chosen game. If you are ready to spend some time to get a decent amount of money in return — we advise you to check out the following options.

Blackjack. The most popular type of card game, which is due to the possibility of direct influence on the outcome of each deal. Gambling theory uses a concept such as standard deviation, which means the probability of winning in each situation. Standard deviation is 1.14 for a single hand (but in some games you can control several hands at once), and 1.07 for each bet made under the standard rules established in online casinos.

Winning strategy is based on the counting methodology, which calculates the cards remaining in the deck in terms of their weight for the outcome combination. The more senior ranks by the end of the draw — the higher the chance to beat the dealer in each of the next deals. A detailed table that shows the math and probability fractions can easily be found on the Internet.

Roulette. Classic game of chance, where the player’s task is to guess at which field of the wheel will stop the ball after the next spin. Sectors from 1 to 36 are equally colored in red and black, and in addition to them is the green field “Zero” (and in the case of the American version — also a “Double zero”).

There are nine main types of bets in total, and each has its own odds. That list includes:

  • Stakes closing half of the number field (excluding zero and double zero) by a certain criteria (color, even, group), paid as 1:1;
  • Outer bets on the 12 fields (columns/dozens), with a ratio of 2:1;
  • Bets on a specific number of adjacent fields (from 2 to 6), payable at odds between 17:1 and 5:1 respectively;
  • “Straight up” bets with odds 35:1.

The more sectors are closed by one bet — the smaller the potential winnings. This strategy belongs to the low-dispersion ones, and allows you to save the bankroll for a long time, but it practically reduces to zero the probability of winning the coveted jackpot. In turn, bets with high variance have an increased risk — the probability of guessing the outcome at European roulette is 2.7%, and 2.63% at American roulette.

It should be noted that the rate of return in online casino table games is also determined by the settings, and each new combination is formed by a random number generator (of course, if you’re not playing against a live dealer). The average percentage of returns in this category ranges from 97-99%, which is an excellent figure and explains why many sites restrict the use of roulette and blackjack when wagering no deposit bonuses.

Top casino picks

According to the statistics, the more players choose a certain pokie — the more likely it is that it will bring a real profit for you. However, it is best to first test the slot in a demo version, assessing how often it produces successful combinations. If you just want to enjoy the game without bothering to look for a strategy, you can always turn your attention to a selection of the most popular casino games, which can be found in reviews by our experts, as well as on the sites themselves.

Free and real money pokies

What is RTP? It’s the return on each bet made and the average value in pokies is usually in the range of 95-97%. Simply put, in ideal conditions every $100 wagered will bring you back $97, and the difference is at the casino’s disposal. Doesn’t sound very interesting, right? But if we consider that the daily number of bets counts in millions, and the distribution of winnings allows you to get much more than the deposit amount — chances to get real money become much higher. It turns out that if you bet a $10 today, and won a hundred dollars — so, 90 of them is lost by someone else. However, there is always an opportunity to win back — especially since the bonuses and cashback offered as part of the loyalty program compensate for costs and unsuccessful series that may occur to regular customers.